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Total Body Works Medical
360 Neptune Avenue, 6th Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11235

Entrance on Brighton 1st Street

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We will do our best to meet your preferred date/time and will
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Total Body Works Medical (TBWM), is nestled on the corner of Neptune Avenue and Brighton 1st Street in the heart of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. We are the new-single stop resource for Brooklyn residents seeking pain and injury care and relief. Owned and Medically directed by Dr. Vadim Abramov, TBWM brings a modern, total-body approach to Brooklyn.

Dr. Abramov and our team focus on locating the source of pain and targeting it through a hands-on, minimally invasive approach. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions.  Our goal is to get you feeling better faster, so you can get back to all the fun stuff Brooklyn has to offer.

Car Accident Victims

Have you been in a car accident and experienced Injury that is causing chronic pain? We deal regularly with a wide variety of injuries related to car accidents and can provide treatments tailored to your needs.

Work-Related Injuries

Injuries on the job are very common. Whether you are experiencing pain from repetitive motion or suffered a more serious injury we can help with rehabilitation and pain management solutions.

Sports Injuries /
Repetitive Use Conditions

We use proven medical treatments and therapy to address a wide range of sports related injuries. We will provide you with a comprehensive physical examination and custom tailor a treatment plan for you.


  • "Excellent service, clean, very professional, nice person! I will highly recommend this facility."
    Michael P.
  • "I think the visits went well and treatment has been progressive."
    Maja M.
  • "I love the service, this visit and all the times I come to therapy"
    Edward C.


Our Services Include:

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When you need immediate, expert pain relief and care, Total Body Works Medical is your one-stop resource to provide you with results. Our team of skilled physicians and knowledgeable staff are well-versed in helping pain and injury victims. We can help you book your appointment immediately. Call us today to get the pain care your deserve 347-817-4800.